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This week's podcast is with  my friends Kimberly and Laura who both live on my street and all of our husbands work together. This was just like a normal conversation that we would have over coffee, except there were no kids running around everywhere. Today we chatted about letting our kids walk to neighbors houses, how we do birthday parties, chores for our kids, and how I hate wearing jackets in the winter.

Although I've been a parent for longer than these two, these women both are moms that I highly look up to as parents and value their thoughts on motherhood, life and living on mission. Love them, and you will too!

Happy Hour #21

Laura is one of my oldest friends and her and her husband, Jimmie who is a worship leader at the Stone, moved here to Austin with us six years ago. They have two two girls, Veda who is three, and Mercy who is one. They live down the street from us and we absolutely love doing life with them.

Kimberly also lives down the street from us, and her husband Stew is also on staff at the Stone. They have four kids, Wesley Grant who is 9, Sally who is 8, Kelly who is 7, and Karis who is six. Their son, Kelly, has been home one year from Haiti.

*Check out the Archibald Project's pictures as they documented their adoption.*

Show notes:

* Mom lets her child play outside and the CPS are called

* We somehow missed Story’s 6th birthday party, and Kimberly helps me solve my dilemma of feeling as though we never celebrated her.

* Laura doesn’t do first birthday parties for her kids, and actually her daughter just turned three and had her first birthday party, and it was precious! Veda wanted a “pink and purple” party and Laura rocked it!


* How we handle birthday gifts for our kids and their friends.

* Kimberly helped me get going with my chore chart and my  kids have been doing this for almost 2 months now.


* Why I hate wearing jackets.


Birthday Ideas:

* A photo book, with pictures from the child’s last year, where people can write messages to the child.


* Give gifts that are experiences instead of gifts.

* Birthday morning: posters + streamers = anything to truly celebrate each other



*How much free range do you give your kids in your neighborhood?

*Do you throw a big 1st birthday party?

*How do you handle birthday gifts for all the hundreds of parties your kids are invited to each day?

*What are your favorite birthday ideas? Cheap and easy.



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