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Today’s guest on the Happy Hour Podcast is Kate Conner, who is the author of two books: Enough & 10 Things For Teen Girls. I first was introduced to Kate when I was given her book Enough to review. While reading her book I knew that I wanted to meet her and have her on the podcast, and I’m so happy that I did! She is just pure joy and someone that I would love to have lunch with often if we lived close enough to each other.

She writes at her site KATE CONNER where she encourages women, writes biblical truths, and simply shares her life with us.

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Happy Hour #20 with Kate Conner

From the podcast:


Questions for you:

  • Harry Potter is big at our house right now, and I have only gotten through the first two books. Have you guys read them?
  • Have your kids read them and if so how old were they when they started?
  • What Christian fiction do you guys like because Kate and I both haven’t found much that we like?
  • Kate’s friend will take her daughter to opening night if she reads a book to encourage her to read. How do you encourage your kids to read?
  • What series have you watched on Netflix that we should know about?


Kate is so gracious to give away some awesome stuff to you guys! First off we are giving away ten of her books ENOUGH. I'll pick five winners and you will each get two books. One to keep and one to share. What fun is that? I'm basically giving you a Christmas gift for someone. You are welcome.

Along with that, one of those five winners will also receive a shirt from Walk In Love. I can't tell you how much I love their shirts and can't wait to get mine in the mail soon! You are welcome for this one too.

Entering is super easy, just follow the requests below. As always you can do as little or as much as you want! Up to you!

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