Happy Hour #18 is with my friend Jessi Connolly. Jessi and I are online friends and so it's always super fun when I get to talk in person with friends that I only know from the internet. I will actually meet Jessi next week when I fly to Indiana for The Influence Conference. I'm super excited about this conference because I get to meet tons of great people that I know online and I'll be speaking to the ladies there, so that's even more exciting!


Jessi and her husband have four kids and have just recently planted a church in Charleston, SC. They also run Naptime Diaries Printshop which if you haven't checked out their prints you should right now. Also she's graciously giving away FIVE prints, so five of you guys will get a new print to make your house beautiful and put scripture on your walls. How can you beat that!

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Jessi and I talk about how it all gets done in her world (surprise – it doesn't!), her work out plan , how she handles social media, what the Influence Network is, and how the prints go from idea to finished product.

This podcast is shorter than the normal ones, but I will for sure be asking Jessi to join me again because I literally have 100 things I can chat with her about! Hope you enjoy it!

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What we're reading: Jessi – 168 hours & Jamie: Eight Twenty Eight

Influence Network

My sister-in-law's shop IVEY EXPRESSIONS – you will want to check her stuff out!

Youtube Page about the Naptime Diaries prints

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Jessi and her team at Naptime Diaries are graciously giving away a print to five of you readers. I love that so much and I can't wait to see someones wall decorated with scripture. To enter as usual, it's super easy! Leave a comment about whatever. Maybe tell me your favorite scripture, or who you shared the podcast with (because I love when you guys tell your friends), or just whatever you want! Contest will end Thursday the 25th at midnight (CST).

**UPDATE – winners: Jessica, Sarah, Jessica, Jordan & Abby – I emailed you all!**

Jamie Ivey