Today's Happy Hour Guest is with my friend Courtney Lankford. Courtney and I met through our mutual friend Amy about 14 years ago.  Courtney and her husband, Joey, moved to South Africa four years ago.

They currently serve there with Living Hope, where Joey helps them with creating jobs for men and women. They also run an agricultural business which helps create income and businesses for others. As you can see the whole family likes to get involved with cleaning and packaging the vegetables!

photo 1


Courtney talks about their greenhouse tunnels where they grow vegetables, and here's a picture so you have a better idea of what she's talking about.

photo 24

She is honest about the hardest part about being in South Africa is them being away from their family and friends, although the blessing in this all is that God has honored their sacrifice and they really feel closer to their family.

Courtney and Joey have five kids, and one of their kids joined their family via adoption from Ethiopia.


Her husband Joey has just recently released his first book and they are graciously giving away ten to you guys. I'll pick five winners. You'll get a book to keep and a book to gift to someone. What a great gift for a friend! All I need you to do is comment below. 🙂

Also … there is a noise in the background that cracks me up because it sounds like Courtney is in a jungle. Maybe she was? I have no idea!


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Jamie Ivey