Today's Happy Hour guest is my friend Amber Rose Zimel, and I just love everything about her!


Amber Rose and her husband, Adam, have five kids – four boys and one girl. They are also adoptive parents and their youngest was born in Ethiopia. Today Amber Rose and I talk a lot about parenting since between us we have nine kids. She is someone that I look up to a lot in parenting, so it was a joy to talk about raising kids with her.  I mean how precious is this sweet family!


Amber Rose shares her story of becoming a mom as a teenager and how her and Adam have then grown their family since then. We talk about talking with our kids about the big S word – sex. We both talk to our kids when they are young about this subject in hopes that we will be their influencers and not their friends. {On a side note, my friend Julie wrote a guest post this summer about talking with her daughter about sex, and I have previously blogged about talking with our kids about sex.}

Amber Rose and I have known each other for a few years and spent a whole year in an intensive training through our church. While in that group, between the seven ladies we had nineteen kids between us all – good gracious that's a lot of kids. Here's a picture when four of us took all of our kids to the zoo. I love this so much!


These two girls are the only girls in their families …. tell me they can't keep up with their brothers!!!


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