My guest for Happy Hour #104 is Melissa Ice. Melissa is the founder and Executive Director of The Net, a non-profit in Fort Worth that restores dignity to people in poverty through community and relationships. As a graduate from Dallas Baptist University, Melissa has been involved in and employed by different Christian organizations and churches for the past 12 years. Prior to The Net, she served on church staff as a Missional Director, equipping people how to serve the poor. Since receiving her degree in social work, she has also been trained in the area of trauma-informed care for victims of sexual exploitation and helps facilitate and rehabilitate women attempting to exit the sex industry. She is also a co-owner of a restaurant called Brewed in Fort Worth and is happily married to her husband, Jamey. They enjoy restoring and remodeling old historic homes in their neighborhood and having dinner on the front porch of their 1920's home. Melissa loves blogging and speaking but her favorite venture is being mommy to Rosie Pearl, her new baby girl.

In our conversation, we talk about her hair, because c'mon. Who has hair like that!? We chat about her plans for adoption and how their surprise baby through them a little curve ball. Since the arrival of Rosie, Melissa is a self-proclaimed mompreneur – keeping herself busy with a lot of different roles in and out of the workforce, all while being confident in her identity as a mom. Melissa shares how she and Jamey are keeping all their plates spinning with baby in tow. We talk about her nonprofit and the amazing work they are doing in the Fort Worth area, serving the marginalized, oppressed and exploited. She shares how you can take steps in your own backyard to serve in similar ways.

And lastly, we talk about how she and her husband are in the business of flipping houses…and you may, just mayyyyy, see them on network television very soon. Let's just hope so, because we need more of this girl and her pretty face and amazing braids.

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What Melissa is loving: braiding her hair, Beyonce's Lemonade and FIT-ish Apparel

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