I love to see children coming home to their new adoptive parents.  It makes me so happy and I always cry.  I follow so many adoption blogs and I look forward to the day when they all bring their children home.  I will cry tears of joy with each family.

One family that I recently started following is a family that lives here in TN and just brought home their 3 children from Ethiopia.  They are beautiful and I loved following their journey there, while they were there and now their time at home.

Today she posted an entry about their last hours in Ethiopia and their trip home.  It was fabulous and I loved it, but the ending is what did it for me.  The last paragraph is an encouragement to all of us waiting parents and it tore me up this morning.  There is always that thought in the back of my head that they won't come home.  Always a bit of disbelief. I try to push it as far back as I can, but to read these encouraging words makes me so happy.  To see the pictures of their children at home meeting their new siblings was so awesome to me.  I can not wait until Aaron and I walk off the plane with Amos and Story and introduce them to their brothers, Cayden and Deacon.  I can't imagine the joy that will flood over my body in that exact moment.

Dear Lord,

Keep my kids safe.  Bring them home quickly.  Keep me sane.  Give me patience.