Half 26-01

My guest for The Happy Half Hour #26 is my husband, the one and only, Aaron Ivey. Aaron is the only man allowed on the show, unless one of you can connect me with George W. Bush. Aaron is making his fourth appearance on The Happy Hour. You can listen to his previous interviews here: #39, #70 and #100

In today's show, we give you some sneak peaks into The Happy Hour LIVE! You're not going to want to miss. We have some really fun surprises and an unforgettable night planned for you. You have just a couple more hours to snag your ticket. So, go go go right now and grab one

We also hear Aaron's latest recommendations on TV and podcasts, the advice he loves to give and what he's aiming for in 2017. We also get an earful of his pet peeves – he's pretty peevey.

Peeves and all, he's my favorite guest of all time, and I am pretty sure he's gotta be yours too. Y'all enjoy the show and make sure to hurry over and grab one of the last few tickets for the live shows!

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Links from the Show

Aaron's Upcoming Book: Steal Away Home

Chef's Table

How I Built This

Sleeping At Last

Silence by Shusaku Endo

Video: George W. Bush on The Today Show

Music from Jason Poe

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