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My guest for The Happy Half Hour #25 is my friend, Jennie Allen. Jennie is a speaker, author, teacher and the founder and visionary of IF:Gathering. IF: Gathering has since become one of the fastest growing conferences and movements in the world, empowering women across continents and denominations to live honestly and deeply. Just a few weeks ago, Jennie published her highly anticipated third book, Nothing to Prove. Jennie lives with her husband Zac and their four children in Austin, Texas.

Jennie has made previous appearances on The Happy Hour #12 and The Happy Half Hour #4. She's back today to catch up, chat about her newest book and the latest IF: Gathering. She also answers our newest half hour questions, including her favorite meal, what she'd tell her 30-year-old self and the advice she usually gives.

Y'all enjoy catching back up with Jennie. Hope you have a great weekend, and have a happy hour with a friend!

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Links from the Show

Jennie's Book: Nothing to Prove

IF: Gathering

Beth Moore's LIT

Grit by Angela Duckworth

The Crown

Lush's Bath Bombs

Music from Jason Poe

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