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My guest for Happy Half Hour #13 is Bailey Heard. Bailey is a national speaker, co-author of The Ellie Projectauthor of her weekly inspirational blog, and a certified life-coach. She lives in Highland Village, TX with her young daughter, Ellie. Over the past few years, Bailey has traveled the country, sharing her late husband, Andrew's, books, Your Best Life Later,  A Gray Faith and now, The Ellie Projectand giving her inspirational keynote message that you can take your challenges and transform them into fuel to create a more meaningful life!

If you missed Bailey's first appearance on the Happy Hour, you'll definitely want to catch up here. You'll hear more about her story and journey of losing her husband to cancer. But in today's episode, we chat about the best advice she has ever been given, how she recharges with yoga and a good audiobook and her childhood dream of becoming an Olympic gymnast.

You'll love hearing what Bailey has been up to since we chatted last and learning a little bit more about her. And again, make sure to scoot back to episode #53 to hear more from Bailey!

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Links from the Show

The Ellie Project


Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin + Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin

Super Soul Sunday

Yen Yoga

Olympic Refugee Team

Lara Casey Powersheets

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