I hope that your Easter was super fun and filled with family and praising Jesus for defeating sin and rising from the dead.  Oh what hope we have in a Savior who defeats death for us!


We had a great Easter service at the Erwin center again this year.  Last year I served in KidStuff and so I only heard how great it was, but this year I was in the service and it was amazing!  15,000 people singing to Jesus is one amazing thing to witness.  I was super proud of Aaron and all the people in the band and the choir.  They did a wonderful job of leading us in worship, and Matt's message was one of the best I've ever heard.  If you missed it, here it is:  RELIGION VS THE GOSPEL.


Happy Easter from our family to yours!

Cayden took a picture of my mom and I

Laura made Story's tutu dress.  Is that not the cutest thing you have ever laid your eyes on?  Yes I know you do need one for your daughter, or for your friends daughter, or for any little girl you know!  I'll tell you soon how you can get one!

We spent the day at the Otts house and had a blast.  Our kids played and played and played until we stayed so long that Brad had to feed them dinner.

This is my friend Melissa's little girl Betsy.  Could you not eat her up?

Brad & Aaron love to cook and I think that's something that made them fast friends.  Usually they are tag teaming in the kitchen, but this Easter it was all Brad!

Oh … aren't we sweet!

And finally Veda will hate me when she's older, but is there anything cuter than a baby taking a bath in a sink?  Nothing.  So sweet and innocent!  Don't you wish you could crawl up in your sink and take a bath sometime?   Well, actually probably not.  We'll leave that to cute babies that don't mind everyone seeing the dimples in their butt!!!