This weekend was fabulous!  Our whole family was in town to celebrate my mom's upcoming 60th birthday!  She didn't want a big fuss, but you only turn 60 once and so we decided to celebrate her lots!

On Saturday we wanted to take my mom out for her birthday and share with my family one of our favorite restaurants in town!  We headed to Vivo and y'all we even took our kids!  Aaron and I love this restaurant and have spent many date nights here and nights out with friends but we have NEVER taken our kids.  🙂  I would say that this restaurant is not really kid friendly, but during the day it is fine.  We sat outside and all of our kids did fabulous!

Happy Birthday Mom!

The nachos at this place are unbelievable and my kids devoured them.  Yes, they even ate all those sprouts on those nachos!!  Loved it so much!

Deacon loved his lunch!

Porter loved it!

My sweet Amos loved it!

Cayden ate his nachos and half of Porter's food too!  That kid can eat!

Y'all this food is so good.  If you are visiting Austin soon, please go here and eat.  You will not regret it.  Their sign says “Tex Mex that's better than sex” – y'all that's how you know it's good!!

I got the puffy tacos and a mexican martini.  Oh the mexican martini's.  If you love them you will flip over these.  Get one!

My dad said that his cheese enchilada's were the best he's ever eaten!  He's eaten lots of cheese enchilada's in his life!  The chips and salsa are phenominal as well and for me that's the sign of a good Mexican food place.

How did we keep these kids quiet and behaved for the entire lunch?  Ipads and Iphone's!  They each got 5 minutes and then just passed them around the table.  Thank you apple for entertaining our kids so we can enjoy our enchilada's and martini's!


After lunch we headed to the airport to pick up my grandma (mom's mom) and my aunt Sarah (mom's sister) who had just flown in from Tuscon.  It was just the perfect weekend with so many of my family members here in my favorite town!

We decided we would give Sarah and Grandma a tour of downtown and get dessert as well.  My mom has Celiac so we're always on the look out for gluten-free stuff.  We searched the internet and found a bakery downtown that sells gluten free cupcakes so we headed to DELISH for some dessert.

The cupcakes were so delish!  My mom was able to enjoy a cupcake with all of us and it was gluten free.

It was a super fun day to celebrate my mom.  She's not technically 60 until the end of the month, but we enjoyed celebrating her with all of our family in town!

Happy Birthday Mom!


Jamie Ivey