Happy Happy Happy 32nd birthday to the love of my life.

To celebrate I will list only 32 things that I love about him. I could list 100's, but for the sake of birthday celebration I'll limit it to 32!

  1. He makes great fish tacos
  2. He writes amazing songs
  3. I still giggle at his jokes
  4. When he jumps on the trampoline with the kids it is beautiful
  5. he allows me to be me
  6. he is a fabulous worship leader
  7. he truly does love Jesus
  8. he still thinks i'm beautiful
  9. he tells me every day that he thinks that
  10. he values date nights and makes them a priority
  11. he likes to wine and dine me
  12. he likes to plan a great vacation for just the two of us to get away
  13. he agreed to family camp in December
  14. he dresses cooler than me
  15. he is a great dad
  16. he values my opinions
  17. no one makes me laugh the way he does
  18. he can make our kids laugh like crazy
  19. we love being together
  20. he doesn't get mad when he has no socks in his drawer b/c i hate folding socks
  21. he put so much work into our new home to make it perfect for us
  22. he is a great friend
  23. he values truth
  24. he gets better looking with every year
  25. i love his kisses …
  26. he knows me better than anyone and still likes me
  27. he will still listen to my ridiculous fears & anxieties
  28. he gets me UT football tickets b/c he knows I love to watch football
  29. he talks nice about me to his friends
  30. he brings me home my favorite coffee whenever he's at Thunderbird
  31. he desires a great relationship with his sons and daughter
  32. i fit perfectly in his hugs

Aaron you are a dream husband.  I may sound like I'm bragging or exaggerating, but truly you are the best and I am beyond blessed by you as a husband, friend and father to my four children.  Thanks for being you and doing all that you do for us.  I truly have enjoyed celebrating the last 10 birthday's with you and pray that I get to celebrate many many many more with you!