Today my middle son turns 9. Happy Birthday to my sweet Amos! A few years ago I could have never imagined nine for this boy of mine. Our road to him was so hard and it seems crazy that he's been home with us for four years and four months. The reason it seems crazy is because in the big picture of his life that is really not that long, but it feels as though he's just been here forever. After Amos came home my family felt complete for me, and so him finally getting here was a huge thing for us.

This kid loves his birthday and the build up has been huge and I'm praying that today is all he wanted and there's no disappointment in the celebration. Special breakfast this morning, lunch at school with daddy, and then tonight out to eat with the family. All celebrating Amos.

This morning I decorated my car just for him and I knew he would love it, but I didn't know how much it would mean to him. He walked outside and saw the car and got the biggest smile upon his face. He just kinda stood there for a minute smiling and then he looked at me and with the biggest smile said “Mom I love it! This means so much to me!”. Those words are special, because I wanted him to feel special and he did. A little writing on the car window made him feel special and that's what a momma wants for her babies, isn't it. Special.

Amos is so very special to this family and I can't imagine the Ivey family without Amos in it. As Amos gets older I want him to know these words from his momma:


My son you are so very special to me. God knew exactly what he was doing when he put you and I together. We are so good for each other because we love each other so deeply, and yet we sometimes struggle so much together. We are making each other stronger, I just know it. You have forced me to dig deep down in my heart and soul and for that I'm forever grateful. I too think that I have forced you to dig deep down into your heart and soul as well.

You have a laugh that is infectious. Seriously it can light up a room. Your laugh is also so loud. When we are at a playground I can always hear you having fun, and I love it. Your smile is one of the most beautiful smiles I have ever seen. You have always had an “old man” look about you. Your eyes have always seemed wise beyond your years.

You love your friends and your brothers and sister so very well. One of the main words that I would use to describe you is that you are loyal. Your friends matter to you and that is a quality that will carry you through life. Good friends are hard to come by and I think that you are going to be a great friend to many people throughout your life.

You are still struggling to figure out who you are, and that's okay. One day you love baseball and the next day you hate it, and that's okay. You will figure it out and mom and dad will be right beside you the whole way cheering you on in whatever you decide to love.

You are so important to this family and I am grateful each day that God put this whole tribe together. We serve a great big God who cares so much about you. His love for you is greater than I could ever even begin to muster up. I pray that this year is a big one for you in figuring out who God is. I pray that I can lead you well in this journey. I pray that God will become personal to you, and that you will begin to trust him with your life. I know that you will do big things for him one day. I can just feel it.

I love you Amos.



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