Recently Amos turned SEVEN.  Can y'all believe that my son turned SEVEN???  My son that we found out about when he was 27 months old is now seven.  Oh my time is flying by.

Amos wanted money only for his birthday because he was saving up to buy his DSI because he has the mean parents that won't just buy stuff like that for their kids!!  He got his dream and received plenty of money for his new DSI, and a case, and a game!!  He was on cloud nine when he went to pick all this stuff out.  For a kid that can't save a quarter, this was a huge accomplishment!

We had his birthday party at our normal birthday park and it was great.  We are very easy going with birthday parties.  I have a long list of why I like to keep it simple, but #1 on the list is that there are four kids in this family and that adds up to a lot of money spent on parties.  I sure hope I'm not scaring my kids for life for not going overboard on their parties, but it's what works for us now.

Anyhow … enough trying to reassure myself that our parties don't suck … here are some pics from the birthday celebration:

Amos and his tball coach, Coach Casey.  So nice that he came out and brought a fabulous gift of these pop firework things.  The kids were all amazed and loved throwing them all over the place to watch them pop!  Oh the things boys love!

Some friends from church & school.

The whole gang of kids!

Matea, Isaac & Story being silly!

The Ivey's & Cash.

& the silly picture that I always ask for …..

happy birthday amos!