Aaron did something amazing this week!  He threw me a SURPRISE BIRTHDAY party!!!  My birthday is actually not until May 6th, so he completely surprised me!  I'll be in Haiti for my birthday, which is kinda fun, but I also didn't want a surprise party in Haiti.

Aaron had me completely surprised.  I had NO clue.  Not one clue!  He was so good at all his planning and working around me always snooping in his life.  He even had a different email address created so that I wouldn't find a trace of anything.  I even picked the restaurant we went to last night.  I booked the babysitter.  I told her what time to come.  I picked the date night.  No way I would have ever thought.  He made it feel as though it was just a normal date night for us.  He did make me fix my hair even though I didn't want to.  I sure am glad I did now though!

So we go into the restaurant that I had picked out for dinner and the lady leads us into a room.  When I opened the door there were 20 of my closest friends there and they were all smiling and saying “surprise”!  I was so shocked.  I was so honored.  I felt so special and loved that I went into the “ugly cry”.

I was so shocked to see two of my friends that are so dear to my heart there.  Rachel lives in FL and Amy lives in TX and they both came in for my party.  Wow! I was so honored and so happy to see them both.  I love them both so much and love any time I get to spend with them.

I love friendships!  My friend Amy got me a beautiful bracelet that says “BELIEVE IN MIRACLES”  I love it and it might be my favorite new thing.

My friend Amy helped Aaron out with lots of random facts and stories about me from high school.  They were funny memories and we had fun laughing about them.

Aaron gave everybody a “jamie face” and one side said true and the other side said false.  He would ask questions and then everyone would either hold up the true side or the false side.  Very fun game and wonderful idea.  He is so brilliant and creative.  🙂

The party was so much fun and I had so much fun.  I have told Aaron numerous times today that I wish it could have lasted longer.  It was fun to hang with friends.  Fun to eat great food and enjoy great wine.

Aaron I love you and am so happy to turn 30 with you!  Thanks for a fabulous party and thanks for my fabulous friends who wrote wonderful things about me in the scrap book.