Tragedy is all around us, and yet we can honestly live our days and never acknowledge or remember that it's happening.

The typhoon hit the Philippines and honestly I haven't thought much about it.  I don't watch the news much.  I haven't seen it.  I don't read the paper.  I haven't read about it.  I'm embarrassed about all of this.  It doesn't effect me.  I don't know anyone there.

When the earthquake hit Haiti it effected me greatly.  I moved on it.  I prayed lots.  I fundraised for the people there.  I was moved to action.

On Halloween a huge storm blew through Austin and it rained a lot.  I mean a lot.  Our house was fine.  Nothing flooded over here.  I didn't see any damage, and so then I forgot.

I watched this today and I was reminded and want to share it with you guys.  There are actions to be taken and this video helps with those.

South Austin Flood – A Call to Action from The Austin Stone on Vimeo.

Halloween Morning, flash floods ravaged many neighborhoods in Central Texas. Now declared a state of disaster, the most recent numbers report nearly 700 homes receiving major damage, many of which were completely destroyed. Belongings were washed away by the storm, leaving many of our neighbors without food, clothing, transportation, and shelter. View a photo gallery of the damage at–south-austin-flooding.

Over the past few days, authorities have assessed the situation, and we now know the most immediate needs. The damage is extensive, and our neighbors need help. As Jesus’ hands and feet in our city, let’s respond radically by helping to meet these needs now!

Go to to learn more.

Jamie Ivey