This made my stomach sick this morning as I read this NY TIMES article about Haiti and cruise ships landing there. Tara over at the Livesay Haiti blog posted about this today and I know this hits her harder since she is a missionary living in Haiti and sees what we only read about on a daily basis.

Here is the final quote that is a real kicker from the article …. “I don’t want to see poverty,” acknowledged Helen Murphy, 66, of St. Paul, who was shopping in the tourist market one morning. “I’m on vacation. I don’t want to think that these people don’t have enough to eat.”

WOW did you hear that. That makes me so mad that I want to cuss! It is people like this that think us in America live the “normal” life. I bet that more people live as the people in Haiti do than the people in America do.

I am not opposed to the cruise ships in Haiti. In my very uneducated opinion it sounds like a great idea to provide jobs and clean up the country. Who knows. I don't like this woman though. I like to think that they took her comment out of context and she is one unhappy woman now …. but then again, how would you get what she said out of context – she doesn't want to acknowledge poor people. I feel sorry for her.

Jamie Ivey