This family just got home from seeing their kids! I think of them every time I wear this shirt. It is a shirt that they sold for a fundraiser. I love shirt fundraisers, b/c I always think of the person each time I wear their shirt!

THinking of you today Stephanie!

sorry the shirt is backwards …. dumb computer! It says FROM HAITI TO HOME – I love that!

Over lunch today Aaron and I were talking about our next trip to Haiti. I BOOKED TICKETS LAST NIGHT! Do you see that we can not stay away from our kids. As soon as we get home from one trip we are thinking about the next one! We were so graciously given two roundtrip tickets in the US – so from here to Miami is booked. I'll book the rest of the way soon! This will be our first time to go see them together without a group with us. I'm super excited!

We were talking about how we hope this is the last time we go together until we go and pick them up. You know my date, right? My date that I pray and beg God for them to be home by ….. April 12, 2009 – Easter Sunday. What a joy that would be if they were home by then. I know very well that this could not happen, but also know very well that it could happen. Just as the angel said to Mary when she found out about Jesus … Nothing is impossible with God.

Here's a video about the problems there now:


S's mom has an interview on Thursday.

Jamie Ivey