There are some people in Haiti that we really love, respect and support all that they do.  You have heard us talk about them before and recently we went on a mission trip and stayed with them.  The Livesay family is fabulous.  They are REAL people who are doing great things in Haiti.

We loved hanging out with them recently and have loved getting to know them over the past months through blogs.  I love their kids and how they all have joined their family through birth and adoption.  I love Tara and her solid advice, loving words, and matter-of-fact thoughts.  I love Tara and Troy together and can see through their words and actions how much they love each other and support each other.

They are in transition mode right now in Haiti.  They are starting a new phase in life.  A new journey with a new purpose.

They have a fabulous book right now that you can purchase for yourself and while you are at it go ahead and pick one for a friend.  Christmas is about 5.5 months away and this would make a fabulous gift for family members or friends.  Order now and beat the rush for Christmas!

Go now and check out their site.  Preview the book and get one for yourself!