Tonight at 5pm KVUE did a story on Haiti, our adoption and a benefit concert that is happening here in Austin on Monday night.  We're praying and hopeful that God is going to be glorified through all this.  We're not happy to be doing this b/c there was an earthquake, but we're trusting that God will open up eyes and ears to the country of Haiti, the amazing work going on there, the kids there, and the  work that will continue to go on there long after the next big story airs.

In the morning CNN will show up here around 6 am, set up there gear and we'll go live around 7 am CST.  We're a little nervous and have begged our children to act somewhat normal while the cameras are running.  Our prayer of course is that people will be moved to give their money to the people that are there on the ground doing the work.  We all want to go and serve, but the reality is that unless you are a medical personnel and/or speak kreyol you will just be a body there taking up room and eating food.  (I know there will be time for people to go and do clean-up)  Let's show our support to those there doing the grunt work.

We are beyond grateful for those of you that have bought shirts today and last night.  In less than 24 hours we sold over 380 shirts and remember 100% of profits go to RHFH and Heartline in Haiti.  We are hoping that they continue to sell like crazy and if you are in need of a cute kids gift, consider a shirt that makes a difference.

If you are looking for pictures of the tragedy, Licia's husband, Enoch, has taken some great ones and they are up on her blog.


Jamie Ivey