Licia posted some last minute requests for stuff that she would like to get down on the container that will be going out in May.  If any of you would like to donate anything leave me a comment and I'll get in touch with you.  You can ship any of these things to them stateside.  Leave a comment if you want the address.

Here are her needs:

Personal Needs:

7 pillows

children's clothes hangers (6 dozen)

king size sheets (for Enoch and I)

twin size sheets (for the boys)

spring curtain rods

italian seasoning, Nature's seasons, Mrs. Dash

Rescue Center:

TV and VCR or DVD player-this would be to play videos for the kids

crib sheets

plastic pants to put over cloth diapers

infant formula (any kind)

I have room for a few of these things if you can get them to me before I leave.  We're leaving TN at 5AM on Tuesday and leave for PAP early on Thursday morning.  I have room for plastic pants, crib sheets, seasonings, and two sets of sheets.  Let me know if you can do any of this.

If anyone wanted to donate a tv but couldn't ship it you could send a Wal Mart or Target gift card and they could go and get one.  🙂