Today all the boys got haircuts.  Let me just say that we are now going to stand out even more!

Check this out:

Deacon was going to do mohawk but ended up having him cut it all off!

Amos did go for the mohawk, but it looks more like a 1980’s style to me:

Is it just me or does Amos look like he has a bowl on top of his head?

Cayden pointed to a picture on the wall and asked for his hair like that. I wish I would have taken a picture for you to have a reference.  It was a regular ole’ hair cut with some spike on the top.  Look what the man did to my baby:

Not too bad you are thinking …. just wait …..

Yes that looks feathered on the sides!  Oh my gracious.  I made him take a shower when we got home so I could re-do it!!!!

Gotta love hair cut day!

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