There are three topics that I need to blog about before I leave so they are all getting one post.

1. Hair cuts – both boys received hair cuts last night. This was Little Boy's first hair cut! Why is it so hard for me to cut my boys hair? I love their long hair and have the hardest time cutting it. This is only Big Boy's third trim and every time it is still hard for me! I realized that Big Boy will be so hot in TX and needed a trim to get some off his neck. Aaron did a good job on both their hair and loves to cut it. Oh and yes if you are wondering, the blood on his finger is from a hair cutting injury he received last night!

2. PUBLIX – YES it is true a Publix just opened about one mile from our house and we could not be happier about this! We LOVE Publix and HATE shopping at Kroger or anywhere else, but especially Kroger. The people at Publix are SO NICE and the people at Kroger are SO NOT NICE! I need someone to be nice to me while I'm shopping for groceries with two kids and about to loose my mind. The last thing I need is two whiny boys and one very unhappy, miseralbe, not nice checkout lady. I get that unhappy, miserable, I-hate-my-life, checker EVERY time and I will not stand for it! We will spend MORE money on groceries to have NICE people!!!

3. BIRTH PARENTS – Yesterday I met with a woman who had some questions about adoption. I am always open to talk to anyone about adoption and share our story. I LOVE to do that and LOVE to give adoption a good name and clear up any misconceptions that someone may have about domestic adoption. Of course she had all the same fears that most people have when they think about domestic adoptions. I had the same too before we started the process and began researching it for ourselves. Here are some of the questions ….. “Don't they have 6 months to take the baby back”, “I heard it takes 3 years to get a baby”, “What if my child wants to meet his birth mom later” “Will I love this child as much as the one I already have” …. ALL of these questions are valid and not stupid. Adoption is scary if you don't know much about it and haven't known anyone that has been involved in it. I have learned so much about adoption that I never knew when we started this journey with life.

This lady and her hubby are not yet sure on whether they are going to pursue domestic or international adoption and I reassured her that God would lead her. I have a HUGE heart for birth parents (mom's especially). They sacrifice something that most of us could NEVER imagine doing. I can NEVER even think of GIVING my Big Boy to ANYONE to parent besides myself. NO WAY! That is what makes it such an amazing sacrifice. Most birth parents LOVE that child so much that they are willing to put their own feelings aside and allow that child to have a different life than they could give them. Each of them has different reasons for choosing adoption, but all of them share the same thing ….. they knew this child first, they loved this child first, they created this child, they put this child's needs at top priority. I love our birth mom and value her life and respect her for what she choose to do for our Little Boy.

I told this lady that no matter where she adopts her child will have birth parents. Even if you adopt from China your child has a birth family. If you adopt from Haiti your child has a birth family. If you adopt from Russia your child has a birth family. A child can not enter this world without their birth families. We MUST remember that and cherish that and allow our kids to explore this and realize where they came from. I never want my Little Boy to turn 12 and think that he entered the world with no one loving him. I will tell him all about his birth mom and how we took the time to get to know her and love her.

Yesterday I came home and watched Oprah from a few days ago and there was a young man that had been adopted from South Korea by an American (white) family and had always ached to know about his birth family. As he got older he qualified for the Olympic skiing team and all the press brought many people out in South Korea claiming to be his birth family. Through DNA testing they found his birth father and they were reunited. It was a great episode and it goes along with what I was saying about all children no matter where they are adopted from having birth families. I loved the show and Oprah did a good job even though she stumbled a few times over what words to use in describing all the family members!

Okay so that was a bunch in one post. I'm back to packing b/c tomorrow will come quite early for me!

*Okay I know there are tons of spelling mistakes. I'm typing quickly, watching The Office and thinking about what I haven't packed and need to still pack.

**Also, I know that not all birth parents are nice and good people. I also know that not all people desire a relationship with their birth parents. I am sad for that and wish that more people viewed their birth parents the way I do. This is MY OPINION and that's it. This is my BLOG too so I can say whatever I want!!!