Here's a post from my friend Cara.  You've heard from her before and you would remember because she went from 0-4 kids in about 18 months.  CRAZY!  She's great and I think you're going to love her words today.


I feel like recently there has been a lot of political uproar about big issues.  Gay marriage, abortion, liberty, privacy.  I don’t claim to be political anything.  In fact, I don’t really care for it at all.  But I have noticed that there’s been a lot of picketing, name calling, protests, arguments, facebook insults, and scandal.  All the arguments really seem to boil down to one question to me: whose job is it?

Some say let the charities take care of the problem and some say it’s the governments job.  Some say pass a law, some say that law will infringe on their liberty.  Some rally at the courthouse, some sit quietly in your house and post articles on facebook.  Both sides of everything seem to look in disgust at the others.  They are just down right nasty to each other.  Obviously, not everyone is acting that way, but that’s what we see in the media, right?

I want to challenge you with something I feel the Lord has and is convicting me of.  Regardless of your political position, regardless if you think big or small government, for or against legislation, if you think abortion or gay marriage is right or wrong, the Lord says to love.  He shows us to eat meals with people who don’t like us.  He shows us to serve, sit with, talk to, and share the gospel with the ones who wrong us, disagree with us, live differently than us and look different from us.

I am certain there is a time for protests and picketing.  I’m certain that their are laws that we must vote for or against in order to fight for the rights of others and for the good of man.  But I am also certain that yelling at someone and calling them a slut does not change the fact that they have a baby growing in them that they don’t know what to do with.  I know that calling people names and refusing to talk to couples of the same sex does not help show them the love Christ has for them and you.  I am certain that the Lord says go and love, not go and hate.

I want to see the Church rally for the unborn.  I want to see all the orphans find their homes.  I want to see the gospel shared with all the unreached people in this world.  I want to see people loved with the love Christ gave all of us.  And I believe this starts with relationships.  It starts with seeking out scared mothers-to-be and loving them.  It starts with inviting neighbors over for dinner, even if they don’t live like you do.  It starts with giving food to hungry people.  It starts with all of us Christians remembering that we were once in need of a savior, and He found us at our lowest point.  It starts with love.  It starts with the words of Jesus when he says, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.  This is the great and first commandment.  And the second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”  You see, Christian?  The Lord is clear.  Love God and love others.  And we all know what love is, right?  Patient.  Kind.  Not rude.  Not arrogant.  Not insistent on it’s own way.  It rejoices in truth, bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, and endures all things.  It does not end.

So, whose job is it to feed the hungry?  Ours.  Whose job is it to clothe the naked?  Ours.  Whose job is it to fight for human rights?  Ours.  Whose job is it to love the unloveable?  Ours.  Whose job is it love?  Ours.


Cara Griswold lives in Austin, TX with her 4 crazy kids and wonderful husband.  She loves food, music, and good conversation.  You can get a glimpse of her world at

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