I'm away for my last getaway of the summer, and my sweet friend Emily is guest posting for me today.  She's actually with me on my girls trip, so it's fun that she's here on the blog today too!  Enjoy!

I have to believe in Jesus. I just have to. Because if I didn't I would probably not be alive.
He sustains my breath.
He keeps my heart beating even in its breaking.
I don't understand it but I'm asking Him over and over again to help me trust Him.
When it's hard and everything is going wrong, I want to trust Him.
I want to trust that He knows what He is doing…that this is all part of the story that He has for my life and it's for my good and for His glory.
It's so hard to believe Him and trust Him in the middle of it.
I probably err more on the side of not trusting Him than trusting Him most of the time.
But I have to trust Him…or I won't make it.
I'm thankful that with His perfect grace, He never lets me go. Never.
When I run away, when I'm unloveable, unfaithful, even in my mess…He doesn't let me go.
I don't get it, but I'm so thankful and that causes my heart to worship in a way that is different than when everything is going my way…when I'm healthy and feeling good, when I have money in the bank, a job to put money in the bank.
Worship is different when things are a mess. When my health fails, when I am wondering how I'm going to pay my bills this month, when my heart breaks over missing my dad, when it seems that things are not going my way.  I have to believe that God is sovereign over all my mess and suffering so that He would get great glory when I come to Him, worship Him, trust Him, believe Him…even when it's hard to see His face.
There is something humbling and beautiful about that worship.


I've realized lately, more so than ever, that my mind is a place where satan LOVES to attack. I easily go in all directions except the direction of Jesus, His word and His promises. In my humanness I go to everything else first except for those things that will speak power and are most satisfying.
I read a blog from a friend of mine who posted promises to think on.  I loved them. Each promise was backed up with scripture and they hit my soul in a way that only the Spirit can do. I knew I needed to have these promises at my fingertips at all times, especially when battling with my mind and my thoughts.
So I started making some promise cards to carry with me, to use as bookmarks, to put on my mirror, in my car, on my desk…everywhere.  A promise on the front and a scripture on the back.
Reminders that He will not let me go…




Jamie Ivey