Recently I've been bombarded with stories of people's marriages being hurt through pornography and affairs.   Some of these are stories of people I've never met, but unfortunately some of these are people I know.  Some of these are people I know well.  It makes me want to throw up.  It makes me yearn for a day when there is no more temptation and hurt.  It makes me want to go toilet paper people's homes that create this trash that then goes into people's homes and effects their families.  Maybe even egging their house would make me happier.  Although I know neither of these are grown up ways of handling things, don't you just want to get them back like you did in middle school?!


But seriously I HATE the industry that puts out filth like pornography and I will even go as far as to say that I don't like Victoria's Secret.  There I said it.  I don't like them.   I don't like to go in their stores.  I don't want their magazines in my home.  I hate taking my kids to the place where their store is for the images that they will see in their windows.


I talked before about ways that we safe guard our marriage, and I have more to share, but today I want to tell you a way that I'm safeguarding my boys in my home.  I want to be more careful with what comes in our home that my boys could possibly see and expose them to more than they need to be exposed to.


I recently subscribed to a fitness magazine, and as the magazines started coming to the house I found myself very uncomfortable if they were just lying around for any of my boys to see them, my three little boys and y'all even my big boy, Aaron.  It just made my stomach hurt to think of them being exposed to this.  You might ask, what was it that they were exposed to that made me feel sick.  It was just the skinniest, fittest, half-naked woman on the cover.  It felt dirty having that lay around my house.  I'm not opposed to bikinis.  I'm not opposed to skinny.  I'm not opposed to fit women.  What I am opposed to is magazines coming into my home that could be used for harm against my boys, and I know I'm making a very bold statement here, but I think these magazines could be an entry way for little boys eyes to desire seeing more half-naked women in print.  I have absolutely no data to back up my statement, but it's something I feel in my gut.


When I was in college I was going through my brothers closet looking for something and was shocked by what I found.  He was a freshman or sophomore in high school at the time and apparently was stockpiling something that no one even knew was missing.  I didn't find a stack of playboy magazines in his closet, but I did find a stack of Victoria's Secret magazines in his closet, that were all addressed to me.  My magazines that I subscribed to were being hoarded by a 14-year-old boy.  My heart sunk as I realized that this little boy was being exposed to half-naked women through a free magazine that was addressed to the female in the house.


I don't want this to happen to my boys.  They are surrounded by propoganda all around them that uses sex to sell stuff.  Every where you look there are half-naked women selling a product that usually has nothing to do with women or being naked.  Sex sells.  These images are everywhere and although I wish I could put blinders on their eyes, or move us to our own deserted island somewhere until they are all in their mid 30's, one thing I will do is be cautious of what comes in my house while these little eyes are around to see.


I am un-subscribing to this fitness magazine.  Yes it's a magazine about fitness, and really at the end of the day the cover is certainly not porn by any means, but if I can stop my boys from being overly exposed, or exposed too early, to this visual means of satisfying their eyes with half-naked women than I will.  I would never want to find these magazines under their beds or stacked in their closets, because it was the thing they could get their hands on to fantasize about sex.


I know this sounds crazy to some of you, but to me and my family I want to do anything extra that I can to guard my boys eyes.


Jamie Ivey