My hope this month is that I can showcase a few organizations that are giving back with each of your purchases.  These are organizations that are committed to doing more with your dollars than just pocketing them for themselves.  They care about the least of these.  As you prepare for Christmas shopping I ask that you think about your money and don't just throw it to anyone.  There are lots of giveaways this month, so check back daily!




Trades of Hope is another organization that I don't quite remember how I found out about them.  I am kinda beginning to like the face that I don't know how I heard about these organizations, but I just have so many friends that buy from organizations like this that they are all running together!


Trades of Hope is run by two women and their daughters.  They wanted to teach their daughters that they could change the world at any time, and so they are showing them that for sure!  Trades of Hope is an online store where you can purchase so many different kinds of items made from all over the world.  With each of your purchases, you are helping someone make a fair trade living in their home country.  This is such a fabulous way to buy gifts for our friends and families.


Trades of Hope is giving away THREE items to THREE different winners!  Yippee!!  They are giving away a scarf, a bracelet and a pair of earrings.  They are excited to share with you guys all the amazing items that they have that you could purchase for your loved ones for Christmas.  So, head on over to their website and get to shopping!


This is a bracelet made in Haiti from Apparent Project, and the Aqua Scarf was made in Nepal, and the tri-leaf earrings made by a co-op in India.  All three are absolutely gorgeous and would make great gifts.

Trades of Hope's motto is helping women out of poverty by selling their Fair Trade handcrafts.  Gosh, I love that.  Happy shopping friends!

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Thanks for visiting this organization.  Let's put our money where it makes a difference this Christmas season.  If there's anyone on your list that would love something from this organization please consider buying from them.  Let's put our money places that GIVE BACK!