Recently I read this:  “Here's an idea:  Let's buy Christmas presents from small local businesses and self-employed people.  For example, from your neighbor who sells online, a local craftsperson who makes jewelry, the stunning local florist shop, the local bakers that bake homemade cakes, buns and chocolates.  The guys that run a cafe or a salon, let's make sure our money goes to individual people, and not huge corporations.  This way more local people will have a better Christmas.  Support REAL PEOPLE.”





I've talked about Tabletop Truths before and have been so lucky to host a give away for them twice before!  Last Christmas I was able to give away some of their Christmas mats and this year I get to give away more again!!!

These placemats are so fun and we LOVE them so much around our house.  We have the Attributes of God, The Creation Story & The Armor of God and dinner times are so much fun when we are all talking about the truths on these placemats.

Tabletop Truths is offering a Christmas set to one of my readers.  I'm so excited for whoever wins this!!!  If you keep it, your kids will love it, and if you give it away you will be giving a great gift!  If you are looking for a special gift for some awesome kids in your life, this is a great idea!  There are many more besides the Christmas collection!  I'm still looking into getting some more for my kids!



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