Three things to give away to YOU

This month I've been working at memorizing scripture with my kids and I must admit that I have had help along the way!  Recently Laura asked if they could send my kids and I a cd that they had created for kids to help them memorize scripture.  Of course I said yes, because if you know me well I do not like to pass up something for free!  I fully anticipated this cd to be awful and for me to throw it in the kids room and let them play it, but never put it in my car while I was driving.  Then she sent me a video that they had created talking about this new project and I was way more interested than before.  I mean, this seems legit.

1. Mighty Spirit Kids CD

So I was now anticipating listening to the whole cd knowing that they had put together a great video to share their new work. When the cd came it got pushed to the back of a shelf and took me forever to get it out to listen to. When I finally did, I was blown away because it is so good. My kids immediately started singing the songs and I kid you not, I work up one morning singing the first track about the fruits of the spirit. They were able to sing about the Fruits of the Spirit and the Armor of God with such gusto since they had studied both of those this summer at various times. They love it!  The MIGHTY SPIRIT KIDS cd is getting worn out in our car these days!  Perhaps the best compliment ever came from Aaron when he got in my car with all of us and we started blasting the cd and singing along.  He looked at me and said “This is really good.  Most kids cd's suck and this one doesn't”.


2. Scripture Stickies

Another item that was sent to me to help with scripture memory is SCRIPTURE STICKIES, which would help out greatly for those of you with older kids.  You can stick these anywhere that you would normally spend lots of time in front of and the goal would be to read them each time and have them stick to your brain!

3. Promise Cards

This last item is from my friend Emily and she actually blogged about these cards that she is making last week.  She has hand-drawn cards that include promises on them to help her rest in the truths that God has given us when the enemy tries to send lies your way.  I love these PROMISE CARDS and love the heart behind them.  I've given them as gifts and each time months later the person has said to me, “remember those cards you gave me, well this just happened in my life and they were on my desk at just the right time that I needed to see truth”.  Seriously, great to have around and to give as gifts.

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If you don't win, be sure and head over to these sites to get your own cd's, Scripture Stickies, and promise cards. You can get the Mighty Spirit Kid Cd's on Itunes and Amazon.  If you want to order Scripture Stickies, use the coupon code FRIEND for an extra 10% off!