My hope this month is that I can showcase a few organizations that are giving back with each of your purchases.  These are organizations that are committed to doing more with your dollars than just pocketing them for themselves.  They care about the least of these.  As you prepare for Christmas shopping I ask that you think about your money and don't just throw it to anyone.  There are lots of giveaways this month, so check back daily!





I was so excited when this company sent me information on what they do.  Their mission is pretty simple:

For every sling purchased, Rockin’ Baby will donate a new sling to a mother in need, and educate them on its importance. Mother to Mother.

 I love that so much and I love that they not only just drop them off, but they educate them on their importance.  Just yesterday I was checking out their fb and I noticed that they were in Haiti dropping off slings.  I thought, awesome!  Then I realized that they were in Cazale and I thought, oh even more awesome!  Then I realized that YES they were at REAL HOPE FOR HAITI and they were not only dropping off slings, but EDUCATING the mothers on how to use them.  Oh my heart leaped for joy!  If you are new here, you don't know that my kids are from Cazale and actually RHFH saved Amos' life when he was a baby.  Those people do AMAZING work in their village and the entire country!

Rockin' Baby wants to give away a sling to one of you guys!  Maybe you know a new mom that would love one of these for Christmas, or someone that's pregnant and will benefit from this next year, well now is the time to buy!  Head on over to their site and check out all the beautiful slings and pouches that they have.  It makes me want to have another baby just to get one of these.

Okay let's not get carried away.  It does NOT make me want to have another baby.  That's crazy talk.

They are giving away one Orange “hero” sling:

Rockin' Baby would love if you would get to know them better through their social media pages and tell your friends about them.  Remember for each sling purchased they donate one to mothers around the world.  This is precious and if you are going to buy a sling anyways for your baby, why not buy one from a company that is making a difference in this world!
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Thanks for visiting this organization.  Let's put our money where it makes a difference this Christmas season.  If there's anyone on your list that would love something from this organization please consider buying from them.  Let's put our money places that GIVE BACK!  


Jamie Ivey