Recently I read this:  “Here's an idea:  Let's buy Christmas presents from small local businesses and self-employed people.  For example, from your neighbor who sells online, a local craftsperson who makes jewelry, the stunning local florist shop, the local bakers that bake homemade cakes, buns and chocolates.  The guys that run a cafe or a salon, let's make sure our money goes to individual people, and not huge corporations.  This way more local people will have a better Christmas.  Support REAL PEOPLE.”




Having scripture ready to read can be such  blessing in someones life.  When my mom was in the hospital this last time I made her notecards with scripture on them for her to read when no one was with her.  Our minds can sometimes be our worst enemy and it's in times like that where God's word can be water to our hurting souls.

I have told you guys about Promise Cards from my friend Emily before and I have gotten them as gifts before as well!  They are amazing and such  fabulous way to hide God's word in your heart and to have scripture readily available to help you fight sin with.  My friend Emily designed these and is selling now as well!  These make the perfect gift for those in your life that love God's word.  Perfect stocking stuffers as well!  

So here is the deal…

  • It's a 4×6 index sized card
  • Promise Card: Truth on the front, scripture on the back.
    Scripture Card: Scripture reference on the front, scripture on the back.
    (they can also be made one-sided)
  • Each uniquely designed & professionally copied.
  • $15 for a bundle of 5 cards.
  • Put them in your bag, use them as bookmarks, put them on your mirror, stick them on the refrigerator, put them next to your bed to read at night or in the morning, pin them on the bulletin board at work, stick them in your car…the options are endless!
  • Keep them for yourself or buy them for a friend!

 Of course Emily is being so kind and is going to give away a bundle to one of you lucky guys!  Oh I can't wait for someone to win these.  I know it will be a huge blessing to you!  I hope that some of you will buy some of these for those that you love for Christmas this year!  I promise you they will be blessed!


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Jamie Ivey