My hope this month is that I can showcase a few organizations that are giving back with each of your purchases.  These are organizations that are committed to doing more with your dollars than just pocketing them for themselves.  They care about the least of these.  As you prepare for Christmas shopping I ask that you think about your money and don't just throw it to anyone.  There are lots of giveaways this month, so check back daily!



I remember sitting around my dining room table with Jessica and she was contemplating adoption.  I told her to JUST GO FOR IT and low and behold God was moving her family that way!  I told her that lots of people talk about adoption, but not many people follow through and do it.  It wasn't long that her and her husband Joe began their own adoption process!  Her adoption journey led to an amazing company being born called NOONDAY, that I just adore and love.  Recently Jessica went to Africa and if you don't follow Noonday on instagram, you should because she took some amazing pictures of her and the artists that make their jewelry!

Noonday is set up to where they have independent ambassadors and today KRISTA BOX who lives right here in Austin with me is giving away some amazing arm warmers.  They are so cute and I love mine that I have.  If only it would get cold here in Austin so I could wear them!

Krista is so sweet that she is letting YOU PICK what you want to win!!!  Go check out her website.  See all the amazing things that Noonday has to offer and then SHOP!  Get something for someone on your list today!  You will not regret this Christmas gift!

Look how beautiful all of those are!!!  I have the natural ones and as soon as the weather here drops below 60 degrees I'm going to be sporting them!!


Y'all this is an amazing organization to buy all your Christmas gifts from!   Maybe YOU WILL WIN a pair for you to give as a gift!!!

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Thanks for visiting this organization.  Let's put our money where it makes a difference this Christmas season.  If there's anyone on your list that would love something from this organization please consider buying from them.  Let's put our money places that GIVE BACK!