My hope this month is that I can showcase a few organizations that are giving back with each of your purchases.  These are organizations that are committed to doing more with your dollars than just pocketing them for themselves.  They care about the least of these.  As you prepare for Christmas shopping I ask that you think about your money and don't just throw it to anyone.  There are lots of giveaways this month, so check back daily!



I hope that your Thanksgiving was awesome and if you are like me, you are still eating dressing and sweet potato casserole.  We just finished the last bit of turkey left over last night and we will be eating dressing for another week.  Actually I will be eating dressing.  My kids are not fans, and I'm trying not to take that personally since it's one of my most favorite foods ever.


Today we are back with the FREE stuff for you guys!  I seriously look forward to this time of year on my blog because of two things.  #1 I get to give away free stuff and that is so fun to me.  These organizations are amazing to share their stuff with you, and the reason they do this is because they LOVE what they do, and LOVE sharing it with you guys.  #2 I get to share about amazing organizations with you guys.  These are the places you need to be spending your money this Christmas season.  These people are doing amazing things in the world and we need to support them with our money!


So … today I want to tell you about GO JAMMIES which is an organization in Haiti that makes jammies!  If you have the tradition that our family does with getting new jammies each year on Christmas Eve, then this is the place for you to shop!

The Global Orphan Project is getting some of its funding straight from the GO JAMMIES that they are selling.  These jammies are made in Haiti and the workers are paid above average wages for their work.  The money goes directly to local churches and schools in the area.

GO JAMMIES is giving away one pair of jammies to one of you guys.  I know that you will love them!  I sure hope that you will think about buying some of your Christmas gifts from this organization.

GO Jammies: Buy with Lift from The Global Orphan Project on Vimeo.


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Thanks for visiting this organization.  Let's put our money where it makes a difference this Christmas season.  If there's anyone on your list that would love something from this organization please consider buying from them.  Let's put our money places that GIVE BACK!  


Jamie Ivey