My hope this month is that I can showcase a few organizations that are giving back with each of your purchases.  These are organizations that are committed to doing more with your dollars than just pocketing them for themselves.  They care about the least of these.  As you prepare for Christmas shopping I ask that you think about your money and don't just throw it to anyone.  There are lots of giveaways this month, so check back daily!



 Connected in Hope Foundation is a non-profit social enterprise that addresses the needs of women and families in Ethiopia. They work with 60 women who once carried 75-80 pound bundles of fuel wood 10+ miles down the surrounding mountains to sell in the markets in Addis Ababa for less than $1/day. Now they are weaving beautiful scarves and baskets that they market here in the US.

Their mission goes beyond charity, to the creation of a sustainable business model that honors and builds on the talent, commitment and creativity of our amazing weavers. Their goal is to provide access to international markets as well as the support, encouragement and training necessary for weavers to earn a sustainable and predictable income through sales of their hand-loomed scarves.

Because they are a non-profit (and none of the US staff takes a salary) all of the profit that they make from selling the scarves are re-invested in programs to support the women and their families. For example, they have an on-site preschool serving the children of the weavers and children from the surrounding neighborhood.  They also offer capacity building programs for the women (literacy, leadership, etc) and hope to open a children's library and small health clinic on-site in the near future. Lots of really exciting stuff!

Connected in Hope is giving away a scarf of your choice to one lucky reader!  I love the infinity scarves so much and think it's awesome that they are letting you pick out whichever one you want.  So you can get one for yourself, or maybe this is the perfect gift for someone on your Christmas list!

If you don't win, no worries.  Connected In Hope is giving my readers 10% off their purchases by entering BIGDREAMS when you checkout!  Now you have no reason not to get one of these great scarves for yourself or a loved one!

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Thanks for visiting this organization.  Let's put our money where it makes a difference this Christmas season.  If there's anyone on your list that would love something from this organization please consider buying from them.  Let's put our money places that GIVE BACK!  


Jamie Ivey