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The mission of MAD Marketplace is to tell stories, sell products, and help people through a global consumer marketplace. The MAD Marketplace is made up of companies and products that do a greater good. From employing the “un-employable” in Detroit, to helping save and prevent child soldiers in the Congo, to providing hearing aids in the 3rd world… the MAD Marketplace is here to Make A Difference. Use code HHMOM50 for 50% off your most expensive item.

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Sseko Designs


Sseko Designs is an ethical fashion brand based in East Africa. Sseko works with high-potential, academically gifted young women in Uganda to enable them to continue on to college and pursue their dreams. From strappy sandals to the ultimate leather travel bags and beautiful jewelry, every Sseko product is handmade in East Africa and is directly contributing to creating opportunity for a young woman like Successor, who is working her way towards university and pursuing her dream of helping to end tribal conflict and domestic violence in East Africa. In addition to empowering young women in Africa, Sseko is creating community and opportunities for brave and bold women here in the US through the Sseko Fellows program. Every Sseko has a story! Use code SsekoMoms for 15% off your purchase.

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Milk and Honey Tees


Milk and Honey is a family-owned, home-based business that designs and sells stylish, high-quality tees. They create tees, tanks, and sweatshirts that are comfortable and simple in design without sacrificing the quality and style that are so important to us. Their designs are both fun and meaningful–they create tees to help you share your faith, state pride, and personal style. Their designs are printed on top-quality products that come from ethical producers–nothing from a sweatshop! Giving back is important to Milk and Honey, and each month they donate $2 from every item sold to an organization helping people in need. Use code HAPPYHOUR15 for 15% off any purchase in the shop.

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Shelly Dolen

Shelly Dolen

Shelly Dolen has always been a fan of big earrings but not the weight that came with them, especially when chasing after her three boys. Fearing wonky earlobes were in her future she began looking for anything lightweight. Shelly fell in love with the idea of leather earrings but didn’t love the styles and colors that were available. So she designed the perfect signature style and made her own Light as a LEATHER earrings. After years of making them for friends, giving them as gifts, and lots of encouragement from her sweet husband, her Light as a LEATHER earrings are now available to everyone. Shelly donates a pair of earrings to the Dress for Success Working Wardrobe program with every pair purchased. Use code HAPPYHOUR for 20% off until April 30th.

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EM Jewelry + Design


EM Jewelry+Design is a jewelry studio based in Waco, Texas. The line was born out of the simple realization that because the job she wanted didn't exist in her city, she would have to create that job opportunity on her own. Ellen Mote designs and makes each piece of jewelry by hand using traditional metalsmithing techniques, as well as antique dyeing practices. Ellen is focused on using sustainable materials, while ensuring the highest quality. Use code HAPPYHOUR to receive 15% off your order!

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As You Wish Design

Jamie Ivey

As You Wish Design is two best friends and moms from the Pacific Northwest doing life and business together. They make hand stamped, personalized jewelry and hand-lettered positive message tees. They share a passion for words and connecting with people.   Celebrating 8 years of business this month, they are a woman-owned, small business that offers ethically made products. They love to partner with and give back to charitable organizations, and choose a different organization each month to donate to with our give back tees. The company was created for thoughtful gift giving.  Their unique, personalized creations are perfect for mom/grandmother necklaces, memorials, graduations and bridal parties.  Most of their products are made with heavy-weighted sterling silver pieces hand cut in the USA.  All of their jewelry is hand crafted: hand stamped, polished and finished by the women behind As You Wish Design. Their “Tree of Life” Necklace is a Mother’s Day best seller for featuring children's names. What could be more meaningful than wearing your sweet babies or grandbabies names around your neck? Use code HAPPYHOUR for free first-class shipping.

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Love41 has made an immense impact in the lives of orphans, widows and street kids in Africa and beyond. Their company exists with the sole purpose of helping others who are in need. They dedicate 100% of our profits from every bag, just like this Simple Tote to helping others through educating, job training and feeding the poor in Africa and beyond. They're all about developing relationships with the needy and working to help change lives through love and compassion. The simple tote is a great gift for all the women in your life. Made from full grain leather (aka the most durable leather) and only $169 it's sure to be a great gift for everyone, also available in four colors.

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The mission at No.41 is simple: to inspire and empower women to create change; in their lives, in their community, and in the world. Women are given a job which allows them to provide for their families, they are taught a trade that they are able to share with their community. Every product made and sold by the No.41 women provides meals for secondary students, previously not eating, at a local school. It's a simple concept yet it's making generational ripples in the lives of so many. When you shop with No.41 you are not just buying a bag. You are not just employing a woman. You are not just feeding a student. You are investing in a community– in sustainable development. You are giving a hand up, instead of a handout, allowing so many to rise up and help themselves and each other. Forever. Use code HappyHour15 for 15% off your order.

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Honeycomb Baby Goods


If you are wearing jewelry, your baby will put it in their mouth… so why not wear something that is cute, fun for them AND safe? Honeycomb Baby Goods is a small business run by a stay-at-home mama of 3 boys who knows all too much about the woes of teething babies. They provide stylish and modern necklaces for moms that are also safe and soothing for babies. Their products are made with 100% food grade silicone that is super gentle on baby's sore gums. Not only are they great for teething, but they also provide visual and tactile stimulation for babies. Bonus for mamas… They are dishwasher safe and freezer safe! Use code happyhour for 15% off your order!

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Marriage More

Marriage More Shop Love Tees

Marriage More is a ministry for couple's who are looking to make their relationship a priority. They are passionate about showing you all that God has done in their marriage and how to design YOUR perfect marriage. They are simply a husband and wife learning how to live a life of joy and grace and showing you how to do the same. They aren’t perfect, but they believe that designing the perfect marriage begins with doing MORE things together and loving with intention. Since their goal is to inspire couples to love with more intention, what better way to do that than to WEAR your love for the world to see?!?! That is when the Marriage More Shop was born! They give 100% of the profit from their online shop to organizations that are building schools in Ghana, Guatemala, Kenya and Laos. They encourage women and couples to “wear their love” and in the process, give back so that children in other parts of the world can have quality education. They truly believe that education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world. Education reduces poverty and empowers women and empowered women become wives who love with intention! Use code HAPPYHOUR for 10% off your order.

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Sparrow Studio

The Sparrow Studio

The Sparrow Studio's primary goal is to create a marketplace for handmade home decor and personal accessories from vulnerable artisans in several countries.  Primarily, they partner with a cooperative comprised of 33 women in Kigali, Rwanda.  They are hard working, talented, creative, beautiful moms, survivors of the massive genocide in 1994.  They are also primarily HIV + and hoping to leave the sex trade and a situation defined by shame and crippling poverty.  The Sparrow Studio has also partnered with Abraham Konga, a brass artisan in Kigali, Rwanda and Germania, a single mom in Ecuador who creates classic jewelry from seeds she has grown on her farm.  They love each of their artisans because God first loved them.

Paper beads are common in Africa, but The Sparrow Studio is using them in a really fresh way!  They are using paper beads for home decor and holidays.  They also use African market fabric and make it accessible for modern decor, pairing bright, happy prints with sophisticated neutrals. The co-op has mastered a wide range of skills in the last 2 years, allowing them to create a full line of beautiful products. The products include table linens, pillows, aprons, garlands, scarves, jewelry, and more. Everything is designed in Denver by 2 moms.  Nearly everything is handmade in Rwanda by 33 moms (with 102 kids).  They all love the dignity and redemption of working together in community.  They love color and beauty.  Purchases from The Sparrow Studio literally allow mamas to feed their kids and pay school fees.  What could be better for Mother’s Day?  Reach out to The Sparrow Studio – they love collaborating and dreaming up custom designs for new partnerships! Use code happyhour for 20% off the whole site!

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