My emotions are crazy these days. I have a few things playing against me. #1 it's about to be that time of the month. I know – what too much information – but it explain a lot. #2 I'm trying to prepare physically and emotionally for Fedna's arrival. #3 I' ve been working on Story's room for Fedna and it is making me miss her tons.

Fedna could be here as early as next Thursday, or sometime the week after next. I'm praying she gets here sooner than later so she can begin her life change. I'm trying to get Story's room ready for her so that she'll have a place to stay and will feel comfortable. I have a few 2T winter shirts, but nothing bigger than that. I should know by Tuesday her height and weight and that will help with clothing. I have heard that dresses might be easiest with some tights or leg warmer things. Oh this girl stuff is so new to me!

The thoughts of helping Fedna bring me to tears. The thought of her momma sending her away is heart breaking to me. The thought of my boys loving on her and seeing our family help someone out brings me to tears. I pray that God uses these weeks to mold their hearts towards those that need our help. I pray that at a young age they see what really matters in life.

Today in Babies R' Us I thought I was going to start crying. I want to get so much stuff for Story and Amos. Everything will be new and exciting to them. BUT I know that “stuff” will not matter to them one bit. I have been so good at keeping myself from these desires. It does me good to every once in a while just go walk around in there and dream of things for them.

Today I did buy a bed sheet for the crib. I figure that Fedna doesn't need to be sleeping on blue sheets! She needs sheets with pink and flowers!!! I also recently made a fabulous purchase for Story's room the other day. I found this amazing guitar at Pottery Barn Kids and knew this would be awesome in her room. Lucky for me it was on clearance – $8 – amazing!!!


Everything in here is special …. here goes: