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I want to tell you about a super cool company that I've recently started getting some of my supplements and greens from.  It's called It Works and although I think the name is kinda silly, I am really enjoying the greens that I'm taking on a daily basis.  I love veggies, but unfortunately I don't love fruit.  Even with my love for veggies, I'm not convinced that I'm getting all the veggies that I need each day.  I for sure know I'm not getting all the fruit I need.  Recently I began making a smoothie once a day for a meal and have been adding my ProFit to it and am getting lots of protein & fiber from that.  Knowing how important these fruits and veggies are is what led me to begin taking the greens.  I call it my “grass juice” and either take it alone each day, or add to my smoothie.

What I've noticed since I started taking my greens is that I'm not getting that 3pm slump each day like I have before.  I'm trying to eat better, and trying to work out more, but I'm also loving the greens and feel as though they are giving me the extra umph to get through the day.

If you want to try some out and see if it helps you get through your day and get you 8+ servings of fruits and vegetables!  Click the link to IT WORKS on the side of my blog! –>

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Jamie Ivey