A question that Aaron and I get a lot is about food.  We try to eat healthy we really do.  I still have the occasional cheese sticks from Sonic.  We do make nachos once a week.  I have an occasional diet coke every now and then.  I crave them when I eat Mexican food.  Yesterday we were at Juan in a Million's enjoying some wonderful breakfast tacos and Deacon asked why I was drinking a coke when they are so bad for you.  He was perplexed at why I would do that.  Oh dear that hit me hard.  I told him I wouldn't drink anymore and I'm going to try to not drink anymore IN FRONT of them!!!  I am trying to cut back though.  I was completely of of them, then the holiday' and that just makes it easier.  OH the holiday's!!!

Okay back to the question we get asked a lot.  People want to know how we get our kids to eat good healthy foods.  They eat veggies, quinoa, fruits, smoothies, tuna fish, brussel sprouts, salads, green peppers, actually they will eat just about anything you put in front of them.

You ready for how we did it.  Oh it is a hard and complex formula.  You ready …..


That's it.  We made them.  Yeap we're their parents and they are the kids and we tell them what to do!  It's very complex.  They sit down at the table, they eat what we give them or they don't get up, or don't eat, or miss out on extra fun stuff after dinner.  It works every time.

Another thing that has to happen is that the parents must be eating good foods.  If you are loading your plate up with everything but fruits and veggies and expect your kids to eat them, then good luck with that one!  You must set a good example! Try teaching them your 14 day workout challenge and they will get instantly interested on a healthy life since they are kids.

After Cayden I thought people that said they had picky eaters were making it all up.  Cayden ate anything we put in front of him.  He was so good and compliant and healthy.  Then Deacon came along and made me eat all my bad thoughts about people with picky kids.  You see Deacon would eat nothing but bananas and bread. It's true.  Nothing.  I struggled with what to do for him.  So we started doing all that we knew how to do.  We put food on his plate and he had to eat something of everything.  At first it was one bite.  You may not leave this table until you eat one lima bean.  Or you may not have any banana until you eat a piece of broccoli.  Slowly but surely they begin to catch on.

Then you make it bigger.  You have to eat half of this before you can have this.  You see they have to do it.  You make them.

Now we're starting all over again with Story.  Let me just say she is a great eater and will eat about everything and anything you put in front of her.  I mean for the love this girl weighs 30 lbs!  She loves to eat!  But we're noticing there are some things she won't even try.  We haven't been too hard on her b/c she just got here, but we decided last night that we're giving her a few more months and then she begins the “program”!!

Aaron and I take lots of vitamins each day to make sure we're getting all we need.  I have a huge back up system with my kids to make sue they are getting all they need.

We buy JUICE PLUS and they each get one a day.  The bottle says they may have 2 per day, but come on we have a lot of kids here, so we just do one a day for everyone!  They take the veggie and the fruit one and it helps me know that if we have an off day they are getting good stuff anyways

We also buy Kidz Super Food from Amazing Grass and they each drink this once a day.  This juice combines 32 rainbow colored fruits and veggies into a delicious berry drink powder.


Now both of those things are expensive, but our kids health is something we believe in.  We believe in it enough that we put line items in our budget for it.

So …. that's how we make our kids eat healthy foods.  Are we perfect at it?  No.  Do we try really really hard to provide them with good food choices?  Yes.

What about you?  Tell me your suggestions for getting kids to eat good, healthy foods.  I'm sure there are lots of parents are there that would love to hear how you do it!

Jamie Ivey