Don't you just love it when someone is coming to your house to do some repairs and they tell you they will be there from 9-12.  Those are 3 long hours of waiting and putting your life on hold.  Well for us the gas people told us they would be here sometime between 8 and 5.  WOW.  All day long we are supposed to wait for them.  They will call 30 min before they are supposed to arrive!

We have been here since Sat morning and have NO hot water.   Yes every time one of us is in the shower we remember to pray for Licia, Lori, Troy & Tara.  We think of Haiti.  Cold showers.

I'm so frustrated because as I type this it is 5:55.  I have waited around here ALL day long.  I even ran this morning with my phone just in case.  I have called twice and they still reassure me that they will be by today.  Poor person that is still working at 6:30 to come and turn on my gas at my house.

I need HOT water!