One of the things that I am most passionate about is celebrating and championing women. This is something I love to do on a daily basis and with Galentine’s Day coming up, it’s another fun opportunity to tell my best girls how much I appreciate them!


Our whole Ivey Media team is a force of wonderful women, and we wanted to offer some fun ideas on how you can celebrate the lovely ladies in your life!



Jamie's Picks



The Shop Forward Sweatshirt

This sweatshirt is SO cute and cozy, and The Shop Forward was kind enough to give y’all a discount code! Use code JAMIE10 for 10% off!


Heart Stud Earrings

Love a good excuse to put on fun earrings! These heart-shaped earrings from Noonday Collection are the cutest and a great gift for your best girls!


Beauty Counter Lip Gloss

Lip gloss is such a classic small gift and something I do a lot! Beauty Counter has some of my favorite lip gloss so it's always a win.



Lyndsey's Picks



Poetry Book

I love sharing words of encouragement with my girlfriends. This poetry book by Morgan Harper Nichols is an encouragement to them all year long.


Avocado Slicer

Who doesn’t love avocado toast?! Every girlfriend needs this gadget. Add it to your Amazon now to make AVO your struggles disappear. OK, maybe not all of your problems but for sure your avocado slicing problems.



The smiley face is trending right now, I’m a friend who doesn’t want you to miss a trend. These slippers are cozy and cute. They come in a variety of colors and are great for anyone who you want to celebrate



Abby's Picks 



Ember Mug

Friend. LISTEN TO ME. There are very few gifts I have received that changed my life. This is that gift. Ember Mug is a temperature-controlled mug that keeps your coffee or tea at your desired temperature until the very last sip. I used to reheat my coffee at least 3 times before I was finished drinking it. Now, I can take my time and enjoy my coffee with no rush because it stays at my perfect temperature. If you snag this for a girlfriend, I promise she will LOVE it.


Sleep Mask 

Jamie actually got me this gift last year. I was never a “sleep mask girl” and sort of wore it ironically at first because it was a gift. Now I use it every night HA. 


Tea Kit 

I love when someone offers me tea and they have a whole selection for me to choose from! These tea kits are super inexpensive and such a fun thing for a friend to have in their house!


Amaya's Picks



Wearable Blanket


Oversized Pink Sherpa – Look no further because the matching moment you've been wanting with your bestie is here! This oversized pink sherpa is exactly what you both need to keep you warm and toasty during this winter season. It's easy to throw on and feels so soft. This sherpa will have you both looking like some cozy cuties for Galentine's. 


Heart-Shaped Waffle Maker


Heart Waffle Maker – This heart shaped waffle maker is the cutest touch to your Galentine's celebration decor. Heart-shaped waffle? What can top that. It's also a big hit with the kids too.




Candle – Love is in the air and so is this Jasmine rosewood candle! This scent will add the perfect warmth to your evening and uplift the ambiance at your girl’s night.



Lola's Pick



Puppy Collar







Let’s Cheer for Each Other


Kisses Shirt


You Be You Scrunchies


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We added some things to our Amazon Shop and Shop Style for you if you want to add a couple things to your cart at once!

What's the best Galentine's Gift you've ever gotten?!