When I started writing YOU BE YOU years ago, I wanted it to be so much more than just some motivational and encouraging words. The goal wasn’t to be the source of encouragement but to point women to the living and breathing truth that Christ gives us through His Word. We are His workmanship and each of us has a very important purpose: To make Him known and bring Him glory with what He has placed in front of us.

He did not make a single mistake when He created you.

When you are one with Christ, trusting His authority, and being obedient and faithful in your daily life, you can rest assured that you are not too much or too little or too stuck or too unguided. Do you know when you are your best self? Do you know when you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be? Do you know when you realize you have more than enough?

When you are wholly surrendered to His will and finally believe the truth that He only made one YOU. Who better to live out His plans for your life than YOU? AM I RIGHT?!

After sharing this with women and slowly seeing it click and transform how they see themselves through the eyes of Christ, I realized something:

It doesn’t stop with us, and it shouldn’t.

We shouldn’t only believe and live out these things for our own life. We need to share this truth with the people in our community. Our friends, our family, our coworkers. But you know who else needs to hear this?



They are future leaders and teachers. They are the next generation that is going to rise up and share the truth of the Gospel – who God is, what He’s done for us, and why that defines exactly who we are in the most freeing way.

Imagine what could happen if children know and believe this now. Imagine what could change and the confidence that they’ll walk in knowing that God made them with a purpose. Imagine knowing that you don’t need to have what someone else has to live out God’s calling for your life.

That’s why I wrote God Made You To Be You. I hope children will ask questions about why Sammy is sad and why he can’t fly so that we can step in to disciple them – affirming all of the wonderful things he can do because God equipped him to. 

I want children to know this message so deeply. I want them to grow up and hardly remember a time when they didn’t know it.


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