I wanted to fill you in on a few things that might interest you ….

A few weeks ago I began reading HOW TO RUIN YOUR DATING LIFE by Matthew Paul Turner and Kerri Pomarolli. No, I'm not dating again … still madly in love with my husband! I have a few single friends and thought I would let them know about it. It is funny so far, and an easy read.

I still am in love with everything that this woman does. I have hinted one too many times to Aaron that I would take anything she makes for my big 3-0 birthday in May!

I've been sending out t-shirts for this organization. I love helping people that are helping people! These people do so much good for kids all over the world and I'm proud to be a small part of what they are doing. One of the kids they are helping is VERY close to my heart because he lives where Amos and Story are. His name is Sonel and I wrote about him here. He is such a sweet little boy. If you want a new t shirt for the summer, head over there and get yourselves one.

I started SPRING CLEANING a few weeks ago! I hate to clean! I have always wanted to hire someone to come clean my house. That doesn't seem to go over to well with Aaron since I'm basically a stay-at-home mom, only have a two bedroom house and only have two kids. 🙂 So I found this site and it has inspired me! It goes through your house and gives you an area to deep clean each day! It suggests an hour a day and even starts out with a recipe for your crock pot to help you out too! I'm so sad our crock pot is broken right now. 🙁 Anyhow I recently cleaned out my fridge, freezer and pantry! I threw stuff out of my pantry from 2006!!! Everything is organized now and has a certain “station” that it goes in. Love it! I also tackled the outside & top of the fridge and the under the sink area!!

My friend Ginger, wrote on her blog about her friends who just found out that their baby has cancer. I can't comprehend this. I don't understand why this happens to people. How could God allow this? I will NEVER understand this. Join me in praying for baby Owen.

If you are interested in Haitian adoption and want to hear more about the “process” this is a great site for you. Or maybe you know someone in the process and you just want to me more educated.

Mandy and Eric have their baby home with them!

I have fallen in love with these t-shirts and would love one for all four of my kids, but seriously who pays $32 for a t shirt for little kids?

I have not been able to come up with anything worth while lately to write about on here. It seems as though my mind is not able to sit down and put out complete thoughts onto my bog right now. I feel as though it is swimming with so many little thoughts throughout the day and to sit and go through them would leave me exhausted. A few things in my head …. our trip to Haiti in 2.5 weeks and the unrest of the country right now, waiting very patiently for our papers to get into IBESR, trying to keep our home clean and uncluttered since it's on the market, meeting with a friend to talk about adoption this week, hearing about huge donations given to organizations that I love and support, feeling little compared to other people, wishing my two other children were home NOW, loving my family, stressing over leaving my boys for both of us to fly to Haiti, feeling like my summer is so up-in-the-air with planning and that's not how I roll … the list is long, and I hope I can bring you some good blogs here soon. We just took supplies to Licia in IN and I can't tell you how awesome that was. We just recently went on our first family trip that didn't include going to family's houses or Aaron playing. Lots of fun!

I got up to page 206 in my new read, Three Cups of Tea, and am enjoying it much more. It is a good book about a very courageous and devoted man. There are some parts that are hard for me to stick with it, but overall I do recommend it so far. You gotta get into for it to grab you though.

My friend Jen, has a new blog. Go read it and show her some love. She has three girls and her story is amazing. Love her! Can't wait to hang out more with this girl very soon. 🙂