Last weekend my friend Amy and I headed up to KY for a girls weekend. We have been wanting to do something like this for a long time and this was perfect. We each have two small children and husband's that travel LOTS so we needed a break!

When we were in high school we had a coach named Coach Grimes – she had a little boy named Brady.  When we were freshmen in high school we started babysitting Brady and he was two.  He is now a SENIOR in high school – oh my gosh I feel old!

Amy flew up to Nashville and then we headed to KY for a fun-filled weekend.  Friday morning we headed up to the radio station where Deidre (formerly Coach Grimes) works.   We were on the radio and that was super fun.

In the afternoon we headed to the horse races.  That was cool.  I bet twice and and won the first and lost the second.  I could never be a gambler.  After the win I wanted to bet again, and after the loss I wanted to leave!  My  money is too precious to me!

I was in awe of all the money around that place.  Millions of dollars on horses.  That's a whole different post!

That night we went to Brady's football game.  Football in KY is way different than footbal in TX where I grew up.  The band didn't even play during the game.  They showed up for half time and did their thing and then left.  Weird!

Saturday was the KY vs. Miss State game.  That was lots of fun, even though KY got beat and should have had an easy win.  Oh well.  It was lots of fun!

Amy – I love hanging with you!  Deidre – wow was it great to see you and  your town – you and Bill are ROCK STARS!

Deidre and I at the races waiting for horses to come around so we can see which one we wanted to bet on!  I actually just picked the ones with the coolest names!


Jamie, Brady, Amy & Deidre at the KY game!   We started babysitting him when he was 2 and now he is 18 – oh my goodness!