IMG_2920Happy Friday friends!

Let me just say that today did not start out the way I hoped it would. As we were getting ready for  the last day of VBS — Oh and side note – this VBS had a man who looked like Jesus greeting the kids at the door yesterday – I nearly freaked – super creepy — okay back to the story … Story walked into Cayden's room with her hand on her neck and complained of a pain. Within 45 seconds she was on the floor screaming louder than I have ever heard her scream – and the girl can scream – in intense pain. She wouldn't take her hand off of her head right behind her ear and refused to let me touch her or move her. At first I thought she was being dramatic, but the screaming never stopped and the pain seemed intense.

Of course I called my OB/GYN because clearly he has all the medial answers in the Universe in my opinion, oh and we're friends too so I called his cell, and of course he didn't answer. Probably delivering a baby or something.

Next I called my sister-in-law because she's a nurse and basically that equates her to my on call nurse. She didn't answer either, probably saving someones life, and so I called my pediatrician. No idea why that was my 3rd call, but none the less after assessing the situation as best as possible over the phone she advised me to head to the ER.

At this point I have a choice to make. Take her in because clearly it is a brain tumor about to explode, or keep her home because she's dramatic and it's probably an ear infection. I of course loaded everyone up on the car – because clearly these thing ONLY happen when Aaron's out-of-town – and we headed to the ER.

Her screaming worked in our favor and they immediately put her in a wheelchair and wheeled us back to a room.

Two hours later she walked out of there with a smile, blue Powerade, and a pep in her step. I felt as though I needed to talk to the front desk lady and tell her that we weren't scamming her. This girl was in tons of pain 2 hours earlier.

Looks like it's torticollis, or something like that. She was probably having an intense muscle spasm and that was the pain. As someone who has had extreme back pain I understand her pain and poor baby girl was not happy.

So, today her and I have spent the day on the couch watching Enchanted and every High School movie known to man. She's just pitiful and is holding her head all funny. She looks how you do when you have a bad crick in your neck.

That's how our Friday started. Fun times! Since I spent so much time on the couch today I caught up on hundreds of blot posts from around the internets that I have missed. I also looked through all my pics from Mexico and I CAN.NOT wait to tell you about how lovely our trip was!

I'll leave you with this picture from Mexico and these four things I think you should check out:


just me and my man enjoying the beach. gosh i love this. can i go back?

1. 3 Tangible Ways To Stop Sex-Trafficking in the US by Jamie the Very Worst Missionary – Jamie is about to head back to SE Asia with Exodus Road to story tell about all the ways they are working to stop sex-trafficking there, and in this post she is helping us think about it right her in our home front. I told you this week about learning more about this, and honestly Jamie was one of the first people I talked to about this that day. She's working through this as well, and I loved this post. I will quote it 100 times in the next few months as I venture on out into this crazy world of stopping sex-trafficking here in America.

2. The Hope of Imperfect Moms by Angela Suh at To Persevere – In this blog post my friend Angela talks about that nighttime routine that sometimes leaves us moms frazzled. The act of wrangling kids to bed, looking for special blankets, and then finally threatening to throw all their toys away if they take one move off of their bed. We've all been there, and here she talks about how one night like this led her to repentance towards God and her children.

3. Between Mom & Me: A Mother Son Journal by Gadanke– I found this through another blog post today and I think I need these stat. I have wanted to do something like this with all of my kids and Cayden is at the perfect age to start. He loves to write, and is expressing himself so much through his writing that this would be perfect for us. Do any of you write letters or keep journals between you and your kids? How do you do it?

10173691_624656650941871_7783520474684877284_n4. “Adopted” by Jimmy McNeal – Our friend recently released a new album and I must say I'm really enjoying it! Jimmy's one of the worship leaders at our church, The Austin Stone, and this album has his personality all over it. My kids love it and when I find an album that we can both listen to I'm one happy momma. My favorite is track number one, “My King Forever” and I'm a fan of any album that has “Come thou Fount” . Head on over to Itunes and grab you some new music for the weekend.

I hope that your weekend is grand. We'll be spending time at the baseball field and probably watching Story lounge around on the couch watching another cheesy musical for kids. I'm teaching the kids at church on Sunday and you have no idea how happy that makes me. Gosh I love sharing the truth with the next generation.

I'd love to hear about your week and weekend. What do you have going on? Next week I'm starting a 3 part series on domestic adoption. Any questions you'd love for me to cover? Also my next HAPPY HOUR guest is Rachel McCoy, who is married to former Longhorn Colt McCoy. I have loved getting to know her over the past few years. Any questions for her?