I’m a bit embarrassed to say that I finally finished my first book of the year and I started this book in December. Oh my reading has been slacking lots lately!

I just finished FRONT OF THE CLASS by Brad Cohen and I’m not sure why it took me this long to read it b/c it is a super easy to read book.


This book was for sure not life changing for me, but it was a good read about someone overcoming challenges set before them. He has tourette syndrom and won teach of the year his first year of teaching. The book is a great read for someone who has challenges to overcome. Laura gave it to me to read after we found out about Deacon’s RRP and it was great timing for me to read it.

I just recently started PARENTING THE HURT CHILD by Keck & Kupecky and am really loving it. I’ve also been reading ON THAT DAY, EVERYBODY ATE by Margaret Trost and hopefully can devote some good time to it soon.

Next on my bookshelf are:

COMPELLED BY LOVE by Stetzer & Nation



That’s what’s going on in my book life. What about yours?

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