Don't you just love thoughtful gifts. I do. I love gifts that come from the heart. I love when someone does something for you because they know you will love it. It could be the silliest thing, but it is something that you'll love and they do it because they know you'll love it.

That happend to me this week.

Two days ago I received a Christmas card in the mail with no return address. It was from North Houston and I didn't recognize the handwritting. We know lots of people from Houston so I was anxious to get it open and see who it was from. I opened it up and was so confused. It was just signed Theresa. Then on the side someone had written that Theresa was a teachers aid. Cool, but who is Theresa. I pondered for a moment but then life went on.

The next day, same thing. This time from someone named Christine. Still from North Houston and still no return address but the same handwritting. Weird.

So now, I have two Christmas cards taped on my cabinets that I have no idea who they are from! Weird, but I went on and didn't think anything about. I made a mental note to ask Aaron if he knew a Theresa or Christine and would try and figure it out later.

Today I get home and there is another card with the same mistery writing on it. Aaron opens it and has no idea who it's from, but states that it is his mom's handwritting on the inside of one of the pages of the card and on the envelope. What? Your MOM? How?

I then told him about the other cards and we stood perplexed in the kitchen trying to put all the pieces together. I called Nancy, my mother-in-law, and questioned her about the mysterious Christmas cards from random people with her writting on them. She told me that she had read a post of mine where I talked about how much I love getting Christmas cards and so she found some cards and had her friends sign them and then has been mailing me one every day.

Wow! That might be one of the nicest and most thoughtful things that anyone has done for me in a long time. I was so honored and felt so loved by her in the moment. She found something that I loved and blessed me with Christmas cards. There has not been one day I have not received a card and it is all because of her thoughtfullness.

I literally run to the mailbox every day to get all my cards. I LOVE getting Christmas cards and she has been a part of that for me.

Thanks Nancy!

Now, what will I do for someone that is from the bottom of my heart and means something great to them? What will you do? Let's try to do soemething like this for someone this week. I'll try. Will you?

Jamie Ivey