Five things I'm loving this week ……

1.  Zevia

I haven't had a diet coke since October and honestly don't have much of a desire for one, except for that fizz taste in your mouth. I love that. It's why I love sparking water and champagne. This drink is so good to me! I get one each week when I grocery shop at Sprout's!


2.  The Place Beyond the Pines

Oh my gracious Aaron and I saw this movie last weekend and I can't stop thinking about it.  I will see this again just to soak it up again.  It has so many themes about fatherhood and how children need their daddy's.  It has themes about money and what this will do to a family.


3.  Mirenesse Glossy Kiss lip & cheek color

This was in my latest birchbox.  Have I mentioned how much I love Birchbox?!?!  Yes, I do.  Each month it's a little surprise for me as to what will be in my box.  I have to say each month there's something that I love.  This month it is this lip/cheek color that I'm using every day now on my cheeks.  It is so easy and I'm all about easy when it comes to make up.  The easier the better.  This is super easy to throw in your bag and you have two-in-one color for your face.  Love it!



4.  The Walking Dead

Yes I've done it.  I have jumped on board the zombie ship.  Aaron's been watching this show since it started and I have told him it's a perfect show for him to watch on the road without me because I'm not into zombies, or people eating each others faces out.  Gross!  Then, the other night he was watching an episode in bed while I was falling asleep and I couldn't stop watching.  I was so into it, and kept asking him 100 questions.  You know that annoying person that shows up in the middle of a show and keeps wanting to know what was going on.  Yes, that was me.  Anyhow, I decided I should start from the beginning.  So, I have.  I'm still in season one, but have just two more to go.  It's hard because we don't watch must tv around here, but every once in a while I can find 45 minutes to get in an episode!

walking dead


5.  Coaching Soccer

I know nothing about soccer.  Not a few things.  Not one thing.  NOTHING.  My brother played in high school, but I could still not name any position in soccer besides goalie.  Maybe … runner … blocker …kicker … I have no clue!  In spite of that I'm coaching soccer this Spring.  But let's remember coaching 4/5 year olds in soccer, actually should use a different word besides ‘coaching'.  That term actually implies that I'll be teaching them something.  The only thing I'm teaching these kids is how to high five, because do a lot of high-fiving!  For everything!



 What are five things you are loving these days?

Jamie Ivey