I decided our family needed a new rule for birthday's. Of course I delegated this new rule to begin on my birthday, so it benefited me quite well, but I think on your birthday you should be able to go into a store and get a whole new outfit. You see, we are on a cash budget around here and so just going shopping whenever you want is not something we do, so this new rule was a huge benefit for me. So, one of my favorite things this week is my new pair of shorts that I purchased for my birthday this past week!

1.  These new floral shorts from the GAP are amazing!  I pulled them out and showed them to Aaron and he said they looked like a dish towel for our kitchen.  What does he know?  These are super comfy and look super cute!



2.  I received this necklace for my birthday from NOONDAY and isn't it beautiful.  I will be wearing this with almost everything I wear this summer!



3.  Speaking of Noonday, I received a gift certificate for my birthday for Noonday and I think I'm gonna get this necklace because I love it so much!




4.  I have been saving all of our old SPUR58 tshirts from over the years and I finally have a quilt to keep them forever!  If you don't know who Spur58 is, don't worry, you just haven't known me for that long.  Aarons' band was named SPUR58 before we moved here to Austin and so it's a huge memory for us!  Recently I had a friend make this quilt for me and I'm in love!  I have also saved all of my t shirts from high school and want to do this as well.  You still have all your school shirts from high school, don't you?  Aaron thinks I'm crazy.  I have also saved tons of baby shirts so that I can have them made into a quilt.  What a way to remember your babies.  Oh and I also am saving all my kids sports uniforms so that when they are older I can make a quilt for them.  Aaron says they won't care about a quilt with their uniforms on them, but I think he's wrong.  Is he wrong?  I would have loved that!



5.  My son recently got his passport.  I know this isn't really a thing that I'm loving these days, but I do love his passport because it means he's getting out of this country and getting to visit the world.  One of the things Aaron and I desire is for our kids to travel and see places around the world.  I don't want my kids to grow up in America and have no clue about what the rest of the world is like.  My son will experience another country for the first time in a few weeks and I'm beyond excited for him.


Jamie Ivey