Amos had a great day today.  He has laughed more with me and let me hold him more today than ever.  We took a nap today for about 2 hours and that was fabulous.  I was so tired!

Even though the clinic is closed they will still take in kids and are doing dressing changes.  Today I saw two men who both had severe cuts on their foot and leg.  They at one time both had magats in them.  I have pics and will share later.

The Rescue Center also admited a little boy today that is about 2.5 and weighs about 16 pounds.  He has kwash and looked awful.  It was so sad.  I also have pics that I'll post later.

Story is fabulous!  Beautiful as ever.  She does good at night too, so i'm usually only up once or twice.

This evening Licia, Lori and Licia's boys took me on a tour of Cazalle.  It was fun and interesting.  The people of Haiti have had so much to overcome and have so far to go.

It is hard for me to write lots here because I want to spend all my time with the kids.  I will tell most stories when I get home and can process my trip.  It is weird to think that i'll leave here on monday, wake up tuesday and be back to “real” life.  weird.  i will leave a HUGE part of my heart here with Amos and Story.  I think i'll start the count down to May when we see them again!

I will write more about this later, but the people here at Real Hope for Haiti are amazing and the real deal.  i have some great stories of their faith and hope and courage that i will share when i get home and have to time to write them all out.  Lori and Licia love these kids and do all they can to FIGHT for their lives.

Well, the generator is about to be turned off and that means bedtime for me!  Hope your Friday was good.  I just talked to Aaron and heard that my deaky man is sick tonight.  pray that he gets better and his fever goes away.





Jamie Ivey